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Photography - Product Lineup



Since 1968 the world’s best photographers have been using our flashes and light shaping tools to create stunning, iconic images. For a long time we were known for heavy-duty studio lights. Today, more and more talented photographers can use our products thanks to the launch of battery-powered, compact flashes with TTL. At Profoto we are wholeheartedly committed to lighting, or light shaping as we like to call it. Our mission is to push the boundaries and make the best products.

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Based in Northern Italy, Manfrotto manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of Camera and Video tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.

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The ZEISS Group is global technology leader operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. Founded in 1846, the ZEISS Group provides solutions for biomedical research, medical technology and the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries as well as develops and produces eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, ZEISS has representatives in more than 40 countries.

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The Avenger brand was born in answer to the need of the photo and cine market of having a boundless product for any set. Product quality is the hallmark of this range, which can withstand extreme use, rough atmospheric conditions, very high stress and heavy loads. Avenger products are designed to match the strict quality standards and performance needs of the motion picture industry.

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Gitzo strives to produce the best possible camera accessories and supports using the simplest, most straight forward and elegant solutions... however long and complex the path to get there. The spirit has helped Gitzo pioneer the most advanced and revolutionary technologies, while maintaining its enthusiasm, philosophy and traditions.

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Metz is worlds best flash lights from Germany.Capturing the perfect shot is now even easier with powerful Metz system flash units – your convenient fully automatic device ensures optimal illumination for every picture. Whether amateur or professional: there’s the right model to meet any requirements and userfriendly operation makes even sophisticated flash techniques child’s play.

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Azden, synonymous with quality around the world is known for creating the newest, most technologically advanced audio products which has been a tradition at Azden for over 60 years. Taking advantage of the latest in CAD and SMT technology, every Azden product is loaded with features and enhancements within minimal space.

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National Geographic’s pioneering use of photography is a vital element in the success of its mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Long recognized as a source of the most iconic and important images ever captured, National Geographic explores and photographs extreme environments and distant cultures. It also keeps a sharp eye trained close to home, documenting the surprising sides of more familiar natural and human landscapes.

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